Peter Gane Trombones

Gerry Birch has carefully researched and assembled an absolutely excellent new range of purpose-designed trombones comparable with the very best but at a fraction of their cost! This range currently consists of five trombones, from Alto to Bass. The Bb/F Tenors are available in either open, or closed wrap and all models have red brass lacquer finish bells, chrome plated nickel silver inside slides and nickel silver outside slides.

The strong but lightweight back pack style case completes the package and makes these trombones into very attractive outfits.

I am delighted to endorse this new and exciting  range of affordable top quality trombones which are being marketed under my name .

Peter Gane    Former LSO, currently Head of Brass Guildhall School of Music.


35 years ago if you had the desire or opportunity to look inside a professional brass player’s bag of mutes, you would most likely come across some quite interesting items. Apart from the normal, mass produced selection of metal mutes, you would probably have found a host of excellent fibre mutes, craftsman made and carrying such names as De Polis of Philadelphia, Ernst Engermann of Hamburg and Jim Lea of London.Why did professional players use these mutes?It’s simple, because they worked well and produced the sort of excellence in tuning, response and sound that they required. The trouble was that these craftsman-made fibre mutes were rapidly becoming collector’s items. To quote a colleague from Marshall University, West Virginia, USA “ Although there were many metal mutes available, fine fibre mutes were  rarity!”

With this in mind, and firmly believing that any brass player should be able to purchase a professional quality hand made fibre mute, or set of mutes, made to satisfy the most demanding of players, I set up in business as a specialist mute maker.

It is now 35 years since the first hand made Peter Gane fibre mute hit the streets, and, despite band room chat and rumours of my demise –

Q. “ Can anyone tell me where can I buy a Peter Gane Soprano straight mute?”

A. “ You can’t anymore, he died three years ago!” I am pleased to announce that

I am very much alive and kicking! The “Peter Gane“ range of specialist hand made fibre mutes has never been better, more extensive or in safer hands


                  Who is Peter Gane?

      Peter Gane FGSM ARMCM

Peter Gane

Peter Gane is one of Britain’s leading brass specialists. At the age of 16 he won an open scholarship to study the trombone at the Royal Manchester College of Music and at the age of 19 he became a member of the London Symphony Orchestra. A founder and former president of the British Trombone Association with many publications to his credit, Peter Gane has earned particular recognition for his work with young people. He has a long-standing association with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the European Union Youth Orchestra where he has been professor of trombone since 1977 and 1984 respectively. As a teacher, brass specialist and conductor he has taken master classes and workshops in many European Conservatoires and with professional groups in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Holland, Austria, Italy and the U.S.A. His international reputation has recently been confirmed by the presentation of "Neill Humfeld award for excellence in trombone teaching" by the International Trombone Association.

He became a professor of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 1971, was elected a Fellow of the School in 1981 and is currently Head of the Department of Wind and Percussion where he regularly conducts and records with the Guildhall School of Music Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Peter's recent publications include:

The Good Brass Guide, Trombone Books 1 & 2, published by the Guildhall School.
Circuit Training for Trombone, Slide Systems, Five Games, Guildhall 125, World in Motion, Mansion House Fanfare, published by Warwick Music.
How Trombonists do it, published by Brass Wind.
Brass Medals, published by the Associated Board


Bucket Mute (Comments from Petter Kateraas , Norway )

I am an old pro from Oslo, Norway. I am a commercial player. Have been working here for  35 years. Now I have a retirement, but still work much.

I have a big gig coming up playing lead and solo with the Royal Norwegian Navy Big Band this Saturday evening in a concert for the Military Tattoo here in Oslo.

Also another big band playing the music of Frank Zappa on Friday evening.

And on Friday I have an afternoon duo concert playing with a guitarist, the Bucket will be wonderful.

I also played some duets with my 15 year old clarinet playing daughter yesterday - wonderful sound with the bucket and low clarinet!

I was actually endorsed by a major English trumpet manufacturer and was on their website until I stopped using their horns.

I am now playing an Olds Super from 1932.

So feel free to put my comments on the website.

The bucket not only has a very clear, dark sound, it also plays incredibly well in tune! It has the best sound and plays best in tune of all my buckets, and I HAVE SOME!

It plays unbelievingly well, a great improvement from the earlier model. (I will do a little experimenting on the corks on that one.)

I really do hope you have success with this one, clearly the world's best bucket mute!


All the best,




Recently I ordered a Peter Gane bucket mute because I was looking for a
bucket mute that fits inside the bell and thereby doesn't damage the
bell of my vintage trumpet, a 1941 Conn 22B New York Symphony. Also, the
Conn 22B has a smaller bell than is customary these days, so finding
something that fits well over the top of the bell isn't that easy
anyway. And the ones that fit over the top can be difficult to put on
quickly. In the past when I had quick changes into or out of a "bucket
mute" section I had to substitute a cup mute because I couldn't do the
bucket quickly enough.

Last night I had the chance to properly try out that new Peter Gane
bucket mute. All I can say is: WOW! Easy and quick to put in the bell,
no hassle. No risk of doing any damage to the bell. It isn't heavy,
which is nice, not a big weight hanging off the end of the trumpet. And
best of all: the sound is fabulous! Easily the best sounding bucket mute
I have tried.

Kind regards,
Christine Derksen




Dear Gerry Birch

I have received your Bucket mute,I love the 
sounds, it it great mute.
I would like to order your trumpet Cup mute from you.
Please let's me know what is the difference between Cup Mute and 
Adjustable mute.
I played ,trumpet, alto clarinet and bass clarinet trio yesterday.
Your bucket mute sounds perfect match with these clarinets sounds

Thank you



I thought I would write and tell you how my trumpet work is progressing at Hollesley School, using the 15 trumpets you supplied in September.  It is now half term and I haven't had a single sticky valve! 
Using the music service instruments in previous years (also new Chinese ones) we had to allow 20 minutes before each class checking and oiling valves, and there was still trouble with individual instruments in the lessons. The school is delighted with the new instruments,  and my work has been made so much easier.
Regards, and many thanks for your hard work in setting these up so well and making them so reliable,
John Alderton




The GBMS ‘Scherzo’  hand-horn



is an amazingly inexpensive ‘entry level’ instrument, ideal for those players who wish to develop hand technique without paying several thousands of pounds for one of the various superb high-end horns by makers such as Webb, Jungwirth and Seraphinoff.
 This lacquered yellow-brass reproduction French hand horn is ideal as a ‘starter-model’, as it has a very narrow bell throat, so that small movements of the right hand have a big effect on the pitch.  Its tone is compact and focussed, with a crisp response and accurate intonation.

Supplied with four crooks and a large padded case with detachable pockets for each crook, this has got to be the bargain of the year.  I can enthusiastically recommend the instrument to all beginner-to-intermediate hand-horn players.

Anthony Halstead, December 2009


I bought a compact trombone from you in December and thought you might like some feedback on it.
 It seems to be lighter than the Yamaha version, which is good! The valve seems to be easier to use too, so generally a more user friendly instrument for a small player.
 Thought you might be interested!

 Catherine Verdin





Dear Gerry,

I have had my Scherzo horn since February and I love playing it. It is a very easy blow and is well in tune for ensemble playing.

I got it to extend my understanding of horn playing and now am about to perform 3rd mvt of the Mozart horn quartet on it as part of my grade 8.

Because it is free blowing, i have suddenly grasped lip trilling, which I had been struggling with on my valved horn for the last year or so.

I would be grateful to know when the new suite of crooks is available, so I can use it more fully in future.



Gill Gordon




I just wanted to let you know that the mute arrived here and I’m extremely happy with it.
It’s far superior in design to any other bucket mute I’ve encountered and sounds terrific.
Thank you for all your kind assistance.